About Me

My story..

Where do I begin?

I guess from the very beginning. I was born in Cardiff, Wales, at the age of three I moved to Dublin, Ireland.

My whole childhood, was pretty much the perfect childhood, got everything I ever wanted and needed. We had a beautiful house, a beautiful family and so much more.

Then one day, we were sat down by our parents and told that we were moving to Spain. With no choice in the matter, the house was sold and we packed up and off we moved. I was 12 years of age when we moved, I was given the choice of a private international school or a public spanish school. I chose the spanish school as I thought I might aswell learn the language considering I'm already here. Little did I know this was the start of a extremely difficult time of my life.

Having not spoken spanish I got picked on, not that bad really, but kids are cruel. But after a few months I had a close nit group of friends who were british and there was no stopping us. Getting up to mischief-but nothing illegal, after all we were only 12-13 years old. Then at the age of 14 my mother came to the conclusion that she just didn't love my father anymore (in a fairly dramatic way, but we won't go into that).
That was my whole life, everything I knew crashing down around me, all of these questions going through my head. What was going to happen? How am I suppose to cope? Who will I live with? Will I see both my parents? Where will my dad live? Where will we live?.
As a 14 year old this to me was so hard to comprehend, so I started doing what most kids do when they're distressed. I started acting out. I started drinking, I started smoking cigarettes, I turned into a person from hell. As the years went on, 15,16,17,18,19 it got worse, I was depressed, I was abusing alcohol and other drugs, flitting from boyfriend to boyfriend and on top of all of this suffering from body dysmorphia. I was in a downward spiral and it was looking pretty bleak. I barely had contact with my father (who remarried a lovely and beautiful woman who has three of her own children) who I knew was suffering from a large amount of illness', Kindey and Gall bladder stones and sciatica caused from herniated discs. Somewhere amongst all of this I had a realisation, I needed to stop, I hated myself, I hated what I was doing, I hated who I had become. So I joined a gym, stopped going out boozing and stopped taking drugs.
Every few weeks I had an itch that I needed to scratch, so I went out and it would start all over again, slowly but surely this went away.
During this time, I was working out hard, within three months I saw a huge difference and I had pretty much stopped going out. I was so focused on my fitness and getting better and looking better I didn't realise how obsessed I had become. I tracked every single thing that went past my lips, I was in a 400 calorie -at least- deficit for what must of been almost a whole 9 months to a year. I was obsessed with instagram and youtube and these fitness girls who I aspired to be like.

One day I came across a girl who is one of my biggest inspirations, Stella @stellathelight on instagram. Her story touched me, she had a bad background of alcohol and drug abuse as well as an eating disorder, several trips back and forth to rehab and I felt not alone for once in the 7 years I had been struggling for. Stella speaks about eating a plant based whole food diet and how it changed her outlook on life and how much it helped her and how she would never go back. I began to look into it but it just didn't seem for me.
A year later I revisited the idea of plant based veganism and I decided to take the plunge. I felt incredible, I was plantbased for a year I carried on caring for myself, and working out, and trying to fix my outlook on life.
I started to date someone from my early teenage year who came back into my life and somehow we hit it off and 10 months later I'm sat here writing this, in our apartment that we bought just two months ago. We're both plant based vegans now and I've never been happier. I've decided to write this blog to help my father (who has taken ill and has decided to take a go of the plant based lifestyle) and anyone who needs the help or guidance.

So I hope you enjoy the posts and just remember, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

- Darcy Victoria