Three Kings Celebration


Hello Lovelies,
Now that Christmas and New Year is in the past once again we face the dreary days of January, back to work/school/university, back to normality.. Here in Spain that’s not the case, unlike what I remember being taught in school in the UK, the Spanish believe the Three Kings [Los Reyes Magos] arrived to visit Jesus on January the 6th therefore it is a special day for them, it is in effect their Christmas, although they celebrate Christmas on December 25th, it is isn’t as commercialised or as big as it is in the UK. They often give gifts on both occasions but generally their main gift giving event happens on January 6th.

On the eve of January 5th , every town in our area throws a parade. Kids and adults of all ages take part and dress in fantastic costumes. Sweets are thrown into the crowd for the children to collect and the Kings are on floats pulled along by cars. The parade tells the story of the Three Kings and is a must see if you’re in Spain around this time of year.

I took the liberty of taking some photos so I could share with you this great tradition that I get to experience year after year.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the photos I took to share such a great and fun tradition with you all.

- Darcy Victoria

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  1. That looks like such a fun event, sweetie. I am fascinated by Spanish culture and really appreciate its rich history and amazing mentality and kindness of people :)
    Thanks for sharing. Hope you are doing great, hon <3
    xox Nadia