"New Year, New Me" Revisited


Hello Lovelies,
Last year I wrote a post called "New Year, New Me", where I spoke about the goals I had set myself for the year to come. I've always liked setting realistic goals for myself in the beginning of the year and looking back when end of the year is near and seeing how far I've come..or not..

So today, I thought I'd revisit the goals I set myself in the beginning of 2015

My 1st goal was to start driving, something I had been putting off for good while. I started my theory and passed 1st time, then came the practical, which I failed first time *cries* but my second attempt is coming up so wish me luck!

My 2nd goal was to 'Shed a few pounds'- I had always wanted to lose a little weight and had tried diet after diet and I never found anything that worked or that I could stick to. I joined a local gym and started lifting weight and following 'IIFYM'. I never thought I'd say this but I love going to the gym and eating healthy and it's something I know feel really passionate about.

My 3rd goal was to go to the beach more and take time to lie in the sun and spend time by myself and/or with friends. This again is something I did do and I must say now that its winter, I'm really missing the sun on my skin and I'm craving the summer again.

My 4th goal was to do with my blog - simply to get on schedule and stick to it. I did this, but not until I picked up after summer I explained why I took a break here.

And finally I vowed to try stop biting my nails which is something I no longer do although my nails aren't actually strong enough to be long and beautiful- still looking for a decent nail strengthener if you happen to know of one, please let me know!

This year it's as simple as I just want to be slightly more outgoing, doing things I may not normally do and carry on all of the great things I accomplished last year!

What are your New Years goals?

- Darcy Victoria

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