October Favourites


Hello Lovelies,
I really felt as if October was going ridiculously slow, but, I can't believe it's November already, it really is quite scary how fast this year has gone. 
With all that said, it's time I talk about all the things I've been loving this month!

-Maybelline Eye Eraser Correction Concealer: This has been a favourite for as long as I can remember, it's my holy grail under-eye concealer and I will carry on re-purchasing this until I no longer can! So, if you haven't tried this I highly recommend you pick one up!

-Urban Decay Naked 1: Again, another old but gold product. I think you will all agree with me when I say this could be one of the biggest cult products amongst beauty bloggers and it so rightfully keeps its place at the top. I have been using this palette more and more as the days get colder and I just can't get enough of it. 

-Catrice Eyeshadow Primer: If you've been following my blog for the past month or so you would've seen that I did a review on this product -read that here. It has now crept into my top favourites for this month, mainly, for how good it is for it's low, low, price!

-Baby Shampoo: Now, I bet you're thinking "Hold up, baby shampoo?!" but yes, baby shampoo is a very high ranked favourite this month. Originally suggested by my doctor to use along side a treatment for scalp psoriasis, because it'd be much more gentle on my scalp than normal shampoo, but let me tell you, I didn't ever think my hair would feel this soft after years of dying and bleaching,  but it does, it feels so soft and smooth compared to how 'wire-y' it used to feel and I'm bloody over the moon!

-Dropbox: I don't know why I never used this before. This app is such a major help when it comes to blogging and I highly suggest you all jumping over to the app store and giving it a go. I don't know what I'd do without it now!

- Greys Anatomy: I mentioned this series in my recent 'Tis the season for series' post. I started watching it from the very beginning and my oh my have I been hooked ever since. So much drama in one hospital but I must admit, it makes me feel so much better about life if I'm having a bad day.

And that's it, all my favourites in one place!

What have you been loving this month?

- Darcy Victoria

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  1. I love the Naked palette too, my all time favourite!x


    1. It really is such a great palette!

      - Darcy Victoria