Product Empties #1


Hello Lovelies!

How are we all this fine Tuesday morning? Today I wanted to share with you some products I've used up and what I think of them!

- Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation: This could be my favourite foundation I've tried.. ever. The colour range isn't too varied but Light Beige is my perfect colour match [which I find is difficult to get with drugstore foundations] and is pretty great coverage too! This is my second bottle and there is no doubt about it, I will be repurchasing this. 

- Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara: This mascara has been so highly raved about in the beauty blogging and YouTube community, that, I couldn't not pick it up. Unfortunately I was majorly disappointed with it. I found the - what I like to call "Stopper" that scrapes any excess mascara off the wand was either broken or there wasn't one, with the brush being curved all the mascara gathered in the concave of the wand and went onto the lashes very, very, clumpy. I used it up anyway just having to make a mess of the tube by scraping the excess off. I have thought about repurchasing it, just incase the one I picked up was broken but I'm still sitting on the fence.

- Rimmel Stay Matte Powder: Again, an all time favourite, I've been using this for years but lately my local "drugstore" stopped stocking Rimmel- I have no clue why they would do this, but they did. So, I haven't been able to pick another one up, but, I will when I do a boots order.

- H&S Shampoo Menthol Fresh: I've been through bottles and bottles of this shampoo, it's so refreshing, but it turns out I don't have dandruff, I have Psoriasis on my scalp [Not the most pleasant thing]. My doctor told me to use baby shampoo and I kid you not, it's the best thing I've ever used on my bleached & damaged hair. 

-Goibi Xtreme Spray: I bought this in the pharmacy during the summer and I'm telling you, it's the only thing that works. People are against anti mosquito sprays that contain deet as it's a chemical but I don't find anything else works. So, when you go on holidays, buy anti mosquito spray from a pharmacy and make sure you read the ingredients to see if it contains deet, although it can't be used on kids, you can still save yourself..

Have you tried any of these products? 

- Darcy Victoria

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  1. Funny enough - I am the very same shade of Bourjois foundation and I also LOVE it soooo much!!!
    I haven't tried Lash Sensational and now I probably will never do after your review hon. I am just too much in love with my fave Cat Eyes!! That's the only mascara I've been using for ages now and it's the best :) Have you ever tried it?
    xox Nadia

    1. Which is the cat eyes mascara? I don't think Ive heard of it!

      - Darcy Victoria