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Hello Lovelies!

Right then.. Considering I want to keep my little corner of the internet as honest as possible I thought I’d tell you this wasn’t the post I had originally planned for today. I had planned to review a certain line of products for you but life got in the way and I never got round to writing it yesterday. So here is the post I decided to do instead! 

H&M Sportswear

I recently mentioned in a previous post that I had fallen in love with working out- funny, because I don’t think I ever thought I’d EVER hear those words come out of my mouth. I never exercised unless it was P.E at school and even then I hated it, so it was safe to say that when I decided to join the gym I didn’t have any “workout gear” to wear. I popped into H&M because I had heard Fleur from Fleur de Force talk about their sports collection in a video and so I picked up a few bits. 
First thing’s first, it’s pretty darn reasonable compared to all the actual sports brands, therefore it’s perfect for beginners who don’t want to invest so much- especially if you didn’t know if you would actually enjoy it.
Second thing, it’s super good quality. Everything is soft and fits really nicely.

I purchased two pairs of shorts; This pair which are similar to Nike Pro shorts & These pair which are more Yoga style. I also purchased two low to medium support sports bras- I’ve got tiny tits a pretty small bosom so they don’t tend to jiggle around a lot (now there’s an image for ya!). I'm going to call them Bra 1 and Bra 2 & finally I purchased lots of socks because you can never have too many! I love everything I purchased although Bra 1's straps, bleed dye onto anything paler than it, due to sweat, but it comes out in the wash so there’s no need to worry!

I can’t wait to get my hands on more items from the new range!

Have you tried anything from H&M Sport?

-Darcy Victoria

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