Wishlist Wednesday || April 22nd


Hello There!
As explained in my most recent post, I've been low on money so the beauty side of things are very slow (I'm hoping they'll pick back up within the next month as I have some very exciting ideas). So, I was thinking about posts that I could write that don't cost me money so I didn't abandon you entirely. One of the ideas that came to mind is a little mid week Wishlist that I could write every other Wednesday. So that's what I'm going to start doing! 
Now I'll stop blabbering, I'll get straight into it.

Wishlist Wednesday;

1- I never used to like Toms until I saw these on Instagram, and I never knew about the Toms One for One Program but now that I do, I will definitely be purchasing these when I have the extra money. If you don't know about their One for One Program you can read all about it on their website: http://www.toms.com/improving-lives 

2- I think it's time to invest in a statement piece; A new handbag (as mine is a cheap one from Bershka and the "leather" is starting to peel off. I know, I'm a disgrace!) I've been eyeing up a few for a while, the main one is a Givenchy one and I'm in love with it but unfortunately it's a bit out of my price range.. So I'm pondering over whether to purchase this Michael Kors Selma Large Saffiano Leather Satchel, if you have any experience and/or advice on which bags you prefer or purchasing them online, leave a comment down below. 

Now leading on to the beauty items I'd love to try or just simply need! ;)

3- Skincare products; I may be slightly cheeky and include two things here! I've been wanting to try two skincare lines which you have almost definitely heard of ; Origins and First Aid Beauty.
If you have read my post about my "Skincare routine" and Bioderma then you'll know that I have quite difficult skin i.e: Oily with dry patches and to top it off Acne and Blackheads. So, the two products I've chosen to include here are: 
- Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores :
- First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy : 

4- This isn't a product I'd normally be interested in buying, But I do have a terrible, terrible habit of picking my mascara off my eyelashes throughout the day and as a result of that my eyelashes are very weak and tend to fall out more easily. Considering I've never purchased a product like this so I don't know how they work and if they actually work at all! I'm going to do my research.. If you have tried out an eyelash serum before, Could you let me know your thoughts and recommendations?

5- I've seen quite a few Youtubers talk about these next products and I've also seen them advertised on TV. It's the new Tresemme Perfectly (Un)Done range. This includes a Shampoo that is Silicone free, a Weightless Moisturising Conditioner, a Sea Salt Spray, a Wave Creating Sea Foam and a few other bits and bobs ( Hairspray etc).  I've really been loving the beachy waves and I'm really excited to get my hands on these products and try them out! ( I'll report back when I have ).

- Darcy Victoria

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