Things I've Learnt So Far This Year!


Put yourself first: I always wanted to put other peoples happiness first and while it’s still important to care for and help other people, I did learn not to neglect problems of my own. I guess I always tried to help everyone so I was too busy to confront things I was having to deal with at that time, but then everything piled up and I exploded ( not literally ). So long story short I learnt to deal with my problems first, the hard way.

You can’t find true happiness through a partner: Dating is something I’ve done since I was a lot younger. I always had a boy on my arm and I went from relationship to relationship ( Yes, I know I was very young ).  It wasn’t till just recently as I started to finally ( when I say finally, I mean almost a year later, FINALLY ) get over my “ex”  and I realized that I really enjoy my own space and my own company, something that I had never done. With that I also realized that I don’t need a guy at all and I’m truly happy on my own but if someone was to come along  whose company I really enjoyed well, that’d be a bonus. I now understand the phrase “ You have to love yourself before anyone else can love you”.

Grow a pair of balls and stand up for yourself if you’re not happy!: This one speaks for itself really, but I’ll just explain quickly; I lost a job that I had only recently got because they asked me if I could work two hours before they wanted me in (after specifically saying I wasn’t in during that week at all) and I declined as I was busy and wasn’t able to work the shift and they were not happy at all. Anyway, it ended up in an argument and they fired me. I wasn’t too bothered as I believed that it wasn’t fair and that I’m a good waitress and there are lots of summer job openings coming up very soon.

Morning Person?!: And last but not least I learnt that I’m more of a morning person when I have a set routine in place. I love it. I really do and I need not go into detail about it as I’m planning on making a video about it soon. So keep an eye out for that!

What have you learnt so far this year? Have you ever been fired? Let me know in the comments below!

-  Darcy Victoria

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  1. So positive! I love it and I'll keep my eyes peeled for that morning routine video.
    Peace xo

    1. Thanks! It'll be up soon I hope! :) x