Sunny Sundays || Create your own happiness.


Hello there!
Considering this is the first post of my new "Sunny Sundays" series, I wanted to just chat to you for a bit! I know myself Sundays can be a bit miserable, whether its because you have work or school tomorrow or whether its because its just been a long week and you just start to over think ( I'm a big over thinker myself). I find it difficult to stay happy and positive on days like these and this is why I've decided to do a series of posts like this. 
So, todays post is about creating your own happiness.

I think the most important step in creating your own happiness is "Self Acceptance" but that I'll leave that topic for another day because thats a whole post in itself.
Creating your own happiness can be very difficult at times especially when you're struggling with whatever it is you may be struggling with (Money, Family, Personal Apperance, Illness, the list goes on) but I find by adding little things that I enjoy into my daily routine, It makes my day just a slight bit brighter. These things could include; Yoga or exercise, Drinking an extra cup of coffee or tea for a great pick me up, having a bath at the end of a long day or taking an extra long shower (I know myself I find pleasure in the strangest of things i.e; Shaving my legs), Pamper yourself! Even if taking one day out of your week to really self indulge in whatever tickles your fancy, for me it would be a glass or a bottle of wine and a nice hot bath and watching some youtube which is normally what my friday nights consist of!
Another thing that I find really helps me is having a routine. If my schedule is a mess, so is my head! I try making lists to help me get things done and I try to keep to an everyday schedule.
Most importantly accepting things you cannot change at that moment, there is no point at all in stressing about upcoming things when you can be focused on the day in hand. I always say to whomever may be worrying about something (and yes this is very hypocritical because I'm a natural born worrier but I do try to practice what I preach) "Go stand in the corner and worry a little more and see if it will change anything". It's true, worrying will not change the situation, if anything it will make you more stressed and unhappy than you already are. Don't forget to be yourself and surround yourself in good people that make you feel happy. Just remember; You never have to do anything you don't want to do! Do what makes you happy!

What do you do during your week to help de-stress? Leave a comment down below if you have any other tips to creating your own happiness!

- Darcy

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  1. It's so true, you really have to accept yourself first on the way to having a happier more positive life.
    I love this Sunny Sundays Idea by the way :)
    Peace xo

  2. Thanks! Hopefully you'll stick around to see more! :) xx