My Daily Skincare Routine


Before you read this I just wanted to say I am in no way a dermatologist or a doctor, this is just what currently works for me and is just a little info on my skin and maybe if you tried it, it might even help you!

I, for years have struggled with my skin; Oily skin with dry patches, Acne and breakouts. I had tried soap after soap, cream after cream and nothing seemed to help. Then one day I was in my local pharmacy browsing the different skincare products and I came across the Bioderma range, I had heard about Bioderma before so I thought I'd give it a go. So I bought the Bioderma Sebium Gel Moussant which is a blue gel facial cleanser and the Bioderma Sebium Global which is a white gel like cream. I have been using both these products for well over a month and they really have helped my skin by controlling breakouts, I still get small breakouts when it's "my time of the month" as I'm sure happens to a lot of people, but these products really do help me take control of my skin! The only problem I had is that it made my skin quite dry and I also was left with quite a lot of acne scarring so I started using BioOil to help fade the scarring and add some moisture back into my skin, Now you may be thinking " But wait... It's an oil... it'd make your oily skin worse " but because a lot of my acne scarring is on my cheeks, 1- I can get away with it & 2- I only use it at night time!

Here are some photos of each product I use and a little description about each one;

This is the Bioderma Sebium Gel Moussant which is a gentle foaming cleanser, I use this day and night and I've found its really helped in cleaning my face and getting all of the dirt and grime out of my pores!

This is the Bioderma Sebium Global which is a face cream. I used this in the beginning morning and night but now only use it at night as I find if I apply makeup over it, it doesn't tend to sit right. This I found it stung my face slightly which I wasn't too bothered about as long as it worked. 

And Finally this is BioOil, I use this every night after my Bioderma Sebium Global cream but only on the scarring on my cheeks, I try to avoid my T-zone but as I'm sleeping it can help occasionally by putting it on other areas of my face! I really do believe BioOil is a miracle oil, I have a lot of friends who have used this on stretch marks and uneven skin on their body and it has really helped give their skin a more even complexion.

 I hope this has helped anyone with the same problems as me! If you have a skincare routine that works for you, I'd love to know and maybe even try out some of the products, so leave a comment and let me know!

- Darcy

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