February 14th aka Valentines Day


I know myself, Valentines Day can be quite a drag, especially when you’ve got lots of friends in relationships, and it can be even more difficult if you’ve just gone through a break up. But there are so many things you can do to help you from feeling blue. Here are some of my ideas for what you can do instead of moping around the house, crying into your ice cream!

1-    Do some exercise!
Now, I know that’s not on the top of your list when you feel like utter crap. But exercise releases endorphins AND endorphins make you feel happier. So whether you go to the gym or you just go for a walk down to your local coffee bar. Just get out and enjoy the fresh air!

2-    Retail Therapy;
That’s right, do some shopping. Shopping is my favourite activity, well.. apart from wining and dining with my girls that is. Grab something comfy but stylish to wear, and go shopping.

3-    Treat yourself!
Whether it’s to a facial, or getting your nails done just treat yourself. I for one don’t have the money for all that fancy salon stuff, so if I were to do this myself, I’d light some nice smelling candles, run a hot bath and simply relax. It can actually be nice being on your own!

4-    Single Friends!
Grab a handful of your single friends and have an old fashioned slumber party! Light some scented candles, order a takeaway (Pizza is always a good option), Crack open a bottle of wine and stick a good old chick flick on ( I recommend Bridget Jones ).

5-    GNO.
This is my personal favourite and is most likely what I’ll be doing this Valentines. Put some feel good music on, for me that probably would include Shake it off – Taylor Swift and Maps – Maroon 5, doll yourself up and go meet your friends and get your groove on ( Ok, now I sound like my mother) just go have a good time! This is also the perfect night to meet lonely bachelors ;)

And finally, don’t be disheartened because Mr/Mrs. right is just around the corner.

Do you have any tips and tricks to avoid being blue this Valentines? If so, let me know in the comments below.


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