My Hair Transformation!


My Hair transformation: Brunette to blonde.

So, Before I get into the details I suppose I should tell you about my hair. Naturally I have Blonde hair, but due to an obsession with young Miley Cyrus and wanting her long brown beautifully curled hair, I, as a silly 14 year old decided to dye it brown. After 5 years of dying it brown, black, red, purple, basically all the colours under the sun I decided I no longer wanted to have to bother dying it every two months ( yes my hair grows VERY quickly and it also faded very quickly because I live in Spain where it’s constantly sunny) So after a year of procrastinating, I told myself to just do it. So I made an appointment.

The first thing the hairdresser said to me was that it wouldn’t be blonde straight away and it’s going to be a very slow process. They had me sign a piece of paper saying that I understand that it could go horribly wrong and they wouldn’t be responsible for it going bright orange etc.

My first trip to the salon was the longest I have ever spent in a salon, I was there for 5 hours. The first step was to strip the colour out of my hair to see how light it was..Take a wild guess what happened! It went bright orange but then they proceeded to put highlights throughout my hair along with a darker blonde/light brown colour. Looking back on it now, it seems a lot darker than how I remember it, but compared to how dark my hair was, at the time it would have been a big step.

My second trip to the salon wasn’t as long winded, They did a normal full head of highlights, but considering I didn’t want a lot of hair cut off, the colour was very uneven, and slightly ginger but that’s the result of my many years of dying it red and purple. The end of my hair looked like chewing gum after they had washed the bleach out and it was utterly terrifying, BUT all was okay when they combed it through and cut all the scraggy ends off.

My third trip was basically the same as my second trip, whole head of highlights and a trim. Again the end of my hair looked like chewing gum after washing out the bleach but I was slowly accepting that that’s what it would look like after every time they wash the bleach out.

My Fourth trip again were highlights, but only a touch up of the roots as I wanted to give the ends of my hair a little rest. Again I had it trimmed as the colour was still very uneven but that’s something I had to accept for a while.

And finally my Fifth trip (which was the most recent) I had highlights put throughout and I had quite a lot chopped off, it’s almost completely even in colour, and I’m very happy with the way it’s turned out.

All in all it’s been a long journey, 8 months to be precise. But it’s been well worth the money and the time, as I’m very happy with my current hair. I do get days where I miss my dark hair. But I hope this post helps anyone who is thinking of going from dark to blonde and that are just too nervous just to do it.

Here are some photos I chose, to show you what each stage looked like! ( Left to Right ) 



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