Little Catchup.


Oh hello there!

This is post will be slightly different to what I had planned to write on my blog, but I felt like I wanted to chat to you guys and tell you whats happening in my life and things I plan to do in the next coming months.

So right now, I'm currently not working as the restaurant I worked in are selling the place to some one, Which also means I'm waiting for money to come through into my bank so I can get cracking with a few really exciting things but until then I'm stuck, and it really sucks. But, when I receive my money the first thing I'm going to do is get my hair done! I have a blog post coming on information of my hair, as I've been many colours under the sun and wanted to get back to being blonde after a long time of dying it dark, I won't go into detail now as that would ruin that blog post ;). Also I'd like to do shopping, I currently live in Spain so the weather here is normally great (apart from today, it's very miserable, wet and just horrible in general) which means Spring comes a lot earlier then it does in the UK, which is when I'll be filming my first ever spring lookbook, I'm so excited about my youtube channel and sharing it with you, I've got lots of video ideas and I can't wait to start filming them, BUT again I can't do anything until I receive my money. And another really exciting thing is that this summer I'm planning on going to my first festival, It's called Arenal Sound and it't not too far from home and it's for 6 whole days! I will be sure to film a lookbook for that too! I also plan on working in the Nightclub of the company I was working for, which would be nice as it's only 3-4 nights a week and it means I can enjoy the rest of my summer, as last summer I was working ridiculous hours waitressing. 

So yeah, I hope you all stick around to see my future blog posts and my youtube videos! 

- Darcy xox

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