Welcome to my blog!

I've never been very good at introductions so I don't really know where to start..

I'm Darcy, I'm 19 and completely obsessed with make-up and I have been ever since the age of 12. Youtube and the beauty society it has, have always been a passion of mine, I remember watching Elle and Blair Fowler when they first started out and I've followed them ever since along with so many other Youtubers. I've always wanted to make videos of my own, but I've always been too scared about being judged or not knowing how. So I sat down, I did my research and I'm finally ready to kick start my new channel and blog.

On this Blog I'll be sharing a number of things with you-

Makeup favourites, DIY projects, Reviews, Advice, and just day to day things I feel the need to tell you about! 

I hope that you'll stick around to see my future blog posts and don't forget to follow my blog and Youtube channel so you don't miss a thing! 

- Darcy 


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