DIY: Cute Make-up Brush Holders

If you want to Find out how to make these cute make-up brush holders, just keep reading!

What you will need:

-Mason Jars
-Ribbon/ String or Twine
-Paint Brushes
-Paint (I’m using Water Based Matte Acrylic Paint)
-A sheet of Sand Paper or an Emery Board
-Hot Glue Gun (Optional) 
-Newspaper or Paper (to cover Table/worksurface)


Step 1:

 Start by grabbing your paint brush and your pot of paint and well… painting the jar. You will have to paint two or three coats, but wait for it to be completely dry until you do another coat, otherwise it can take the paint off. 

Step 2: 

While each coat was drying I cut the Ribbon and Twine to the correct length and width. I used two pieces of ribbon; One to wrap around the neck of the jar and the second one to make the bow. 

Step 3:  

Then I tied a bow with the second piece and then fed the first piece through the back. 

Step 4: 

With the twine I just took a large piece and hoped it would go around the base of the neck various times. 


Step 5: 

This is where it got a bit tricky. I grabbed a hot glue gun ( if you’ve never used one before please get someone to help ) and glued the ribbon (which now has a bow on it) around the neck of the Jar. Then I wrapped the twine around the base of the neck and glued the last strand in place.

Step 6: 

I then proceeded to grab my sandpaper and just gently sand off some of the paint near the letters and the design on the back, just to give it a slightly rustic look.

And there you have it, 6 easy steps and you’ve got adorable little jars to store your makeup brushes in.

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  1. Aw love this! Will try it out when I have the time. Lovely blog.

    All my love, Anouk Suzanne

    1. Make sure to tweet me a photo or on instagram if you do try it out! Thanks, yours is so lovely too!